Why this survey?

The COVID-19 challenge is having massive impact - and recovery will not be easy.  Capturing our data, our stories, and the financial details of the impact will be critical for advocating well for the arts and culture sector.

Our goal at FAB is to track the impact on cultural organizations in the Lower East Side -- but we designed this survey so that it can be used for all NYC neighborhoods.  So, please feel free to fill it out no matter where in NYC you are.  We will gladly share results with others.

You will need information on actual and projected income losses and increased expenses between now and June 30, 2020 to complete the survey.  We also ask you to enter information on the changes in staffing and freelance hiring that are taking place at your organization due to COVID-19.

A pdf preview of the survey is linked HERE.

Thanks for participating.  We're thinking about all of you.
your folks at FABnyc