Application: 2024 Summer Akasha Yoga Teacher Training Program

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4.Why are you interested in becoming an Akasha Yoga Teacher?(Required.)
5.Have you already completed your 200-hour yoga training? Are you currently a teaching yoga? What are your current yoga or other spiritual practices?(Required.)
6.Are you available for the four required dates. (dates and times are found on website) Please note: You are required to be at all four of core curriculum dates to receive your certification - the Akashic Records certification and the VIBE workshop can be taken at different dates if necessary.(Required.)
7.If you are selected to be part of this program, what elective are you interested in taking as part of the certification? (please see the Teach page on our website for information about electives). Please note: You can change your elective choice later, this question is so that we can learn more about you and your interests.(Required.)
8.What is your unisex tshirt size?(Required.)
9.How did you hear about this certification program?