* 1. What is your level of completed education?

* 2. What is your individual annual income (not including gifts or capital gains)?

* 3. For how many years has your income been within a range of $10,000 of its current level?

* 4. Please list any types of debt you carry.

* 5. What do you consider to be your job, career, vocation, or calling?

* 6. What types (if any) of financial or career help have you received as an adult?

* 7. Please specify your multiple streams of earned income if applicable.

* 8. How many hours per week do you spend working or preparing for work?

* 9. Were living expenses not a concern, to what would you devote the bulk of your vocational energy and time?

* 10. How happy would be you doing what you are doing now in five years?

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