Cybersecurity For The Novice - Post-Testing

This is a series of questions for post-testing for the course of Cybersecurity for the Novice

* 1. What is the main difference between "phishing" and "spoofing?"

* 2. What is the main measure you can take to help prevent "ransomware?"

* 3. Should you "jailbreak" your phone? Why or why not?

* 4. What is one way to strengthen your passwords and remember those passwords?

* 5. Choose two ways to avoid "phishing" from the following drop downs.

* 6. When should you have a "passcode" on your phone?

* 7. Explain "Shannon's Entropy" and how this helps strengthen passwords.

* 8. What is the first thing that you should do if you get hit with ransomware?

* 9. What is the number 1 "attack vector" for computer intruders and attackers?

* 10. What is the one piece of data that you should NEVER put on a social networking site?