2018-19  academic year

Thank you for filling out this application. Our school field trips meet California curriculum standards for the third and fourth grades and is well-loved by students and teachers alike.

After completing this form, you will receive a confirmation form and invoice within ten business days. Please download and review our educational guide before your visit.


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* 1. PLEASE READ: Some Important Policies

1) Our maximum number of students per tour is 70, so if your group exceeds that number you will need to book two dates. If your group is smaller than our minimum requirement of 40 students, we will pair you with another school.

2) We require one adult chaperone per ten students and you MAY NOT EXCEED THIS AMOUNT. This means total adults – both educators and parents. In most cases, this means one parent volunteer per classroom (20 students requires two chaperones: one teacher and one parent).

3) If you have special needs students who require aides with a lower adult-to-student ratio (one on one, for example) please contact us directly. We are happy to accommodate you and can make other adjustments to our tour so that all students have the opportunity for an enriching experience.