WE Should Know... What You Think

Drug safety is a serious public health concern in America that doesn't seem to get nearly as much attention as you might expect given that thousands die every year from adverse drug events. But much like medical malpractice, this is a complicated issue with many competing and powerful interests.

So tell us how much you know about the drugs in your medicine cabinet? After you finish the 5 questions, click on "Next" to see the answers.

* 1. The FDA tests all drugs to make sure they are safe before they are approved for use by the public.

* 2. About how many people report serious outcomes from using prescription drugs each year in America, which the FDA defines as death, hospitalization, life-threatening and disability.

* 3. In 2011, an estimated 4 billion prescriptions were written in the United States. What percentage of those were filled with a generic medicine?

* 4. If a company that manufactures a generic drug fails to warn the public of dangerous side effects, they can be brought to justice in our courts:

* 5. How can you help protect yourself and your family from the negative side effects associated with generic drugs?