Please review the two types of groups before submitting your request:

Our database contains 2000+ references, both groups contain the same references, the main difference is in access to PDFs.
"Invite-Only" group. Anyone can join this group. 
This group is best for those who already have ample access to PDFs. Only members of the group are allowed to add content, but the group is visible to the public, and references and comments posted to the group are publicly displayed. This group does not allow sharing of PDFs between group members, but abstracts can be included.

“Private” group. Only R-RN members can join this group.
This group is best for those who do not have good access to PDFs. This group is not visible to the public, but all members can obtain PDFs uploaded to the group. We currently have  700+ PDFs, and we are in the process of adding more. Group members can add PDFs as desired, but storage for the entire group is limited to 2 gigabytes unless all members purchase storage upgrade plans. This group has a limit of 20 invitations. If more than 20 members request membership, we will maintain multiple private groups.

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* 3. I am a registered on the participant page of the Rhododendron Research Network