* 1. Based on your last experience with the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, how would you rate the staff members you interacted with during your last visit?

  Very Good Good Neither Good nor Bad Bad Very Bad N/A

* 2. How important is the price of our train rides and admission in your decision to purchase them?

* 3. How often do you visit the following areas?

  Very Often Often Sometimes Not at all
Thomas Tables (Childrens Play Area)
Sand Box
The Link Train
The Trolley
The Ferdinand Magellan
The California Zephyr
The Models (not the Play area)
A Caboose Ride
A Coach Ride
A Cab Ride
The Hospital Car
The Lounge Cars
The Cars under the shed (excluding those above)
The Collection not under the shed

* 4. What products do you wish we sold more of in our museum store?

* 5. How would you rate the Museum's collection?

* 6. What improvements could be made to the museum's collection area?

* 7. How would you describe the presentation and cleanliness of the museum?

* 8. What improvements could be made to the Thomas Play Tables & Model Trains area?

* 9. What is your approximate average household income?

* 10. How many children, by age, currently live in your household?