* 1. I am a: (please select any that apply)

* 2. Coaching a sport can be wicked challenging. Is there one challenge that just drives you nuts? And if there is, could you tell me about it?

* 3. How difficult has it been to locate a solution to that challenge?

  Cannot find solution Difficult to find Easy to find

* 4. How long have you been a coach?

* 5. How would:

  Terrible Poor Average Excellent Stellar outstanding!!
You rate YOUR OWN capability as a coach?
Your DIRECT SUPERVISOR rate your capability as a coach?
A majority of your ATHLETES rate your capability as a coach?

* 6. How important is it for you to improve your coaching skills?

* 7. How often each week do you think of:

  Constantly Frequently Seldom Never
Quitting your current coaching job
Leaving the coaching profession forever
How lucky you are to be a coach
Creative methods to improve your coaching

* 8. I'm working on a few projects to help coaches build a positive legacy. Could any of these help you be more successful? Or do they leave you Blah?

  Blah? (not interesting) Hey, could be cool!
A BLOG that discusses challenges in coaching
A BOOK about specific steps you can take to improve your coaching
Downloadable E-BOOK which details solutions to a specific challenge you face
A 30 minute one-on-one CONSULT with a dang smart person
A CONFERENCE where you meet with other coaches in person to discuss strategy and success stories
An online COURSE
A MEMBERSHIP site where you can get regularly updated training (i.e. articles, audio and video) for learning the latest techniques and strategies.
A PODCAST about coaching sports

* 9. Is there one thing that you feel you don't have, that would help you be successful in your current position?

* 10. Here's your bonus: If you could ask one question about being a coach, what would it be? (And I am going to try to find you a great answer to that question!)