* 1. Name and/or Badge ID Number:

D. Siganos
Patient selection and preoperative preparation

* 2. Following LASIK, which is true?

* 3. Accurate tonometry readings following LASIK can be obtained by:

G. Kymionis
Lasers in refractive surgery

* 4. The depth of ablation for an excimer laser is related with the?

* 5. In excimer laser ablation of the cornea, the thermal stress depends on:

C. Roberts
Corneal topography and IOL power calculation

* 6. When trying to correlate changes in refraction and changes in topography, which map would be the most helpful:

* 7. Small details such as central islands, mild surface irregularities are best seen on:

* 8. Which is the most accurate reference for an elevation map:

R. Bellucci
LASIK: surgical technique

* 9. The diameter of the flap is affected by:

* 10. After the cut, the flap is “taco” folded for:

J. Hjortdal
Surface ablation techniques 

* 11. Which of the following is not a risk factor for post surface ablation haze?

* 12. Which of the following patients is not an ideal candidate for surface ablation?

D. Epstein
Results of corneal refractive surgery

* 13. For which of the following ranges of myopia can the best outcomes be expected in LASIK?

* 14. Based on published and clinical experience, one would anticipate the worst outcome when performing
hyperopic LASIK on an eye with the following preoperative refraction: