Strategic Environmental Assessment - scoping exercise

Historic Scotland is currently collaborating with a range of partners and stakeholders on a review of historic environment policy in Scotland. While the review is still at an early stage and no decisions about changing the current policy direction have been taken, we consider that the review and any revised policy is likely to require a strategic environmental assessment (SEA). We are therefore seeking to undertake an environmental assessment of policy options and alternatives at the earliest opportunity. In particular, this assessment will look at how the policy for the historic environment delivers, contributes to, or obstructs other environmental objectives.

This scoping exercise is one of the early stages of the SEA process.

What is SEA?
The purpose of SEA is to ensure that information on the environmental effects of a plan, programme or policy is gathered and made available to plan-makers and decision takers as it is prepared and implemented. The overarching aim of SEA is to provide a high level of protection for the environment, to reduce environmental impact and to enhance environmental outcomes. It also ensures that policies and proposals are informed by relevant environmental information and provides further opportunities for people to get involved in the process.

We have prepared an SEA scoping report which can be found on our website:

This survey asks 4 questions in relation to this report and should take a short time to complete.

We would welcome any comments you may have on the report. However, we would ask that you focus upon the SEA element as opposed to providing general comments upon the policy itself. Comments in relation to policy review more generally should be sent to:

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