The purpose of this form is to provide feedback for other parents on your vehicle. Toward that end, we’d appreciate your being as specific and descriptive as possible about the features, performance, reliability, family-friendliness, etc. Thanks, and we look forward to your review.

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* 8. What features/aspects of the car do you enjoy most?

* 9. How well does the car accommodate families with little kids? Is it easy to install your child’s car seat? How are the family-friendly features (trunk space, entertainment systems, cup holders, storage bins, rear climate-control, reclining rear seats, etc.)? Please be specific.

* 10. How does this vehicle compare with your previous car? Are you satisfied with its performance? Would you recommend it to other parents?

* 11. What do your child(ren) think of the vehicle (i.e. what do they like best/least)?