* 1. Which station do you listen to most often for MUSIC? (Choose ONLY one)

* 2. Since the beginning of the year, have you listened more, less, or about the same to each of these stations? (If you don’t listen, just select “never listen.”)

  More Less Same Never Listen
KSAN (The Bone)
KOSF (103.7)
KITS (Live 105)

* 3. On which frequency do you listen to KFOX most often?

* 4. Which morning show do you listen to most often?

* 5. Below is a list of DJs & personalities from around Bay Area radio. For each, please rate them using the responses below. If you’re not familiar with a DJ or team, just click “DK.”

  Excellent Good Fair Poor DK
Greg Kihn
Don Bleu
Laurie Roberts
Anna Lisa
Dennis Constantine
Nikki Blakk
Lamont & Tonelli
Big Rick (Stuart)
Steven Seaweed
Chris Jackson
Derek Madden

* 6. Are you?

* 7. Are you male or female?

* 8. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)

* 9. Thanks for the taking the time to fill out our survey. If you have any other comments about KFOX and Bay Area radio, please use the space below.

Thanks - please use this link in order to enter to win Kihncert tickets. Only people who fill out the survey will have access to this contest! http://kfoxclub.kfox.com/CustomContest.aspx?AID=186182