* Contact information

* What is your 24 hour or emergency contact information?

* 1099 eligible?

* Do you have branch offices?

* Is your company unionized?

* Is your company UL approved?

* Have you had any OSHA violations in the last 5 years?

* Total number of employees

* Number of shop employees

* Number of field employees

* How many crews can be mobilized for program installs?

* What is the square footage of your shop?

* What distance are you willing to travel for an install? (in miles)

* Do you recycle lamps, wire, and other recyclable materials after servicing or installing signs?

* Are you a woman-owned or minority-owned business?

* What is the maximum height of service? (in feet)

* Do you employ one or more certified electricians?

* Do you provide the following services?

  Yes No
Installation of Building Signs
Installation of Ground Signs
Installation of Highway Signs
Maintenance & Repair
Post Installation Inspection
Energy Audit
Interior Lighting Install
Exterior Lighting Install
Digital Graphics

* Do you have the following insurance?

  < $500,000 $500,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,0000 > $2,000,000 None
General Liability
Excess Liability
Auto Liability
Workers Compensation

* Please provide a reference:

* Accounting contact information

* If you would like to be paid by ACH (instead of checks) please fill in the below:

* Colite's Terms of Payment are Net 60 days after successful completion of the project, submittal of your invoice, customer sign off form and proper completion photos. Do you agree to these terms?

In order to finalize your vendor application, we need you to provide your Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing Colite as Additional Insured and W9 to installer@colite.com

Thank you! We look forward to working with you.