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* 1. What type of organization do you represent?

* 2. How did you receive training?

* 3. There are two primary positions in the EDX system, Web Administrator and Payroll Specialist. An employer must ask PERS to create a new Web Administrator account if an employer changes Web Administrators.

* 4. Regular reports are submitted on specific dates that most closely match the employer’s pay-date frequency.

* 5. Regular reports contain wage, hour, and contribution information for pay periods with pay dates between the last regular report and the upcoming regular report.

* 6. DTL1 (Member Demographics) records are submitted (select all correct answers):

* 7. The DTL2 (Wage and Service) “Gross Salary” is the total of all other salary fields on the DTL2 record.

* 8. Only Local Government employers, specified in ORS 174.116, use the “Work Period Begin Date” and “Work Period End Date” fields to report salary on an “earned when earned” basis when no changes to job class, average overtime code, or contract number of months are needed.

* 9. Local Government employers must use two DTL2 records to report wage, hour, and contribution information for employees for every pay period crossing monthly boundaries. (Pay period begins in one month, ends in the next month, and pays in the next month or following month.)

* 10. DTL2 adjustment records, using positive or negative adjustment codes, are the only way to change posted wage, hour, and contribution information after 01/01/2004.

* 11. A Demographic Correction Request (DCR) is used to ask your ESC Account Representative to change a member’s posted employment history (start date, termination date, Contribution Start Date, etc.) since employers can change only address and Social Security information.