Dear UAF Students:
Most classes at UAF last either 60 or 90 minutes per period. The UAF Faculty Senate is discussing changing the 'course blocks' to either 50 or 75 minutes so that we could share live streamed video courses with UAA. Nationally, most universities use 50 and 75 minutes course blocks. No decision has been made. What do you think?

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1. Would you be interested in taking a course from UAA if you could attend by live two-way video?

2. UAF currently offers a few courses that have UAA students who participate through live two-way video. Would you be more or less likely to take a course like this at UAF?

3. Would you support UAF changing from classes that last a full hour (60 minutes) to classes that last only 50 minutes?

4. Would you be interested in UAF changing the days or times that courses meet if the changes would lead to more course-sharing opportunities with UAA in the future?

5. What is your current status at UAF?