In January of this year, Boston Parks completed the community outreach for the park design portion of the Malcolm X Park project.  Please see the presentation that has been posted to the project website.

As we discussed in the community meetings, an additional portion of the Malcolm X Park project consists of interpretive signage panels, recognition of community leaders and historical figures, and artwork in the park.  

Boston Parks are excited to share that we are launching the history and art portions of the project. Please share your thoughts below

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* 1. Interpretive Signage: As part of the Malcolm X Park project, Boston Parks will be installing up to 5 interpretive panels in the park. During the community process several topics have been suggested for these panels. Some topics that have been brought up in public meetings and interactions with community members, including the Community History Liaisons. Please vote on 3 of your favorite topics, or write in additional suggestions for the group to consider:

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* 2. Name Acknowledgements within the park: As part of the Malcolm X Park project, Boston Parks has the opportunity to recognize community leaders and historical figures. This could be through names on benches, tables, signage, etc. During the community process many names have been suggested for such recognition. Please see commonly proposed names below. Please vote on 3 of these figures for each section, or write in additional suggestions. Please click on the name to learn more.

Local Icons (Choose 3):

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* 5. Murals in the park: In conjunction with the Malcolm X Park Improvement Project, the Boston Parks Department is collaborating with the Boston Arts Commission to design and create murals within the park. The murals initiative will likely follow a similar timeline as the park refurbishment effort, yet notably, it is a separate process managed by the Arts Commission and the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture. As such, we are still interested in receiving community input on the themes for potential murals. Please use the space below to share your thoughts about mural themes at Malcolm X Park. All of your thoughts and ideas will be passed along to the selected artists.

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* 6. For more information contact:

Malcolm X Park: History related questions or comments:

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Murals/ Call for Artists/ Community participation in art:

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