* 1. What was your favorite part of this course? Why?

* 2. What was your LEAST favorite part? Why?

* 3. Which class activities or assignments did you enjoy MOST? Explain.

* 4. Which class activities or assignments were LEAST enjoyable? How could they be changed/improved?

* 5. If you could change ONE thing about the course, what would it be? Why?

* 6. Do you believe this course has adequately prepared you for your sophomore year? Briefly explain.

* 7. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements about the instructor:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
a. organizes and plans the course effectively
b. uses class time effectively
c. makes the goals of the class clear
d. provides a variety of learning materials and instruction
e. is available for help when needed outside of class
f. encourages students to contribute their own ideas to class
g. is knowledgeable about the subject
h. provides helpful feedback on student work
i. grades student work fairly
j. answers student questions effectively
k. treats students respectfully
l. creates engaging activities to help promote learning

* 8. Please write down any additional comments you may have.