Important Living Social Members feedback

Having followed gentle Pilates classes / treatments through a Living Social deal simply answer the following 10 questions,for essential improvement feedback.

In doing so you will also be eligible for the next discount.

* 1. From purchasing your voucher, did you book a class.. (please tick one)

* 2. Why did you buy the vouchers? (Pick many)

* 3. Looking at the price of the class / treatment.

Given that the full prices are

- Drop in price is £15
- 5 week card is £60
- 10 week is £100

  Absolutely Yes Possibly Not sure Not likely Definately Not
Would you pay FULL PRICE for the class(es) if the voucher deal wasn’t available again?
Would you re-purchase the voucher deal if it were run again?

* 4. Benefits of Pilates
Looking back over your experience and how you felt after the class, how much do you agree or disagree with the short statements below.

Pilates has been..

  Strongly agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly disagree
Beneficial to my physical health
Beneficial to my emotional health
Beneficial to my mental health
A good way to relieve stress
Invaluable to my health
Doing the class has changed the way I behave
A unique experience
Something I can easily learn elsewhere
I have learned subtle ways to look after my body
My awareness has been raised to how to look after my body
One of the best things I have done this year
Doing the class has raised my awareness of my posture e.g. how I sit, stand, walk etc.
Since doing the class I have started looking after my health more
I have always done regular weekly exercise
Overall, I benefited from doing the classes
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class

* 5. During the class you did a range of exercises, how do you feel each exercise affected you?

  Beneficial Neutral Not Benefical
Warm up
Standing at the wall
Standing in centre of the room
Laying on back exercises
Laying on stomach
Exercises with the band
Paired exercises

* 6. What did you like most about the class? (Pick many)

* 7. What did you like least about the class?

* 8. Which location did you mainly attend? (Pick one)

* 9. Which category below includes your age?

* 10. Personal Information
- What is your full name?
- What is your gender?