* 1. What is the Date of the Teen Court Session?

Date / Time

* 2. What grade are you in? Please enter the name of the school you attend in the "Comment Field."

* 3. What was the type of crime?

* 4. Did you find this a positive experience?

* 5. Did you find this experience increased your ability to be an interpretative thinker?

* 6. Did this experience help you continue to be sensitive to issues involving inappropriate behavior?

* 7. Do you feel this was a positive experience for the person accused of committing the crime?

* 8. Did this experience cause you to be sensitive to an issue you were not before?

* 9. Were you a juror in this case?

* 10. Do you feel the verdict by the jury was correct?

* 11. Do you feel the sentence imposed (if any) was correct?

* 12. Did you learn something as a result of this Teen Court case?

* 13. Did the jury have a juror proctor?

* 14. Do you have any suggestions to improve the Teen Court Program? (If so include suggestion in comment section.)