Thank you for being a part the Men's Accessibility Survey created by Project Woman. The purpose of this project is to gain insight to the ways our current outreach efforts speak to men who may be in need of our services, as well as to inform our future outreach efforts.

Due to the nature of the subject matter, the following survey will have some talk of sensitive issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault. For the purposes of this survey, the term "Male Survivor" will refer to a Male Survivor of sexual assault, domestic violence, or both.

Lastly, an asterisk (*) next to a question means the question is mandatory and that you will be unable to move on to the next page until you select a response. For questions which have a follow-up comment box, only the multiple choice portion of the question is mandatory; the comment box is not. However, we do encourage you to respond in the comment boxes when prompted, so we may better understand the opinions of our community beyond a simple "yes" or "no."

Thank you again for taking time to be a part of our continuing efforts to better serve our community.

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* 2. In what capacity have you worked with Project Woman in the Past? (Check all that apply)

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