1. National Aquaculture Educators Network - Univ./Gov't/Ext.

Thank you for your interest in the National Aquaculture Educators Network (NAEN). The following survey will help us identify and get to know the University, Cooperative Extension and Government population of NAEN. Once we have identified the various groups within NAEN we can target future contact to the appropriate segment. This information will let us learn about you, your programs, and help us identify ways to connect the various segments to help each other.

The NAEN mail list is a moderated list, which means that postings must be approved by list administrators before going out. If you have items to you would like to share please send them to me at clinedj@auburn.edu

* 1. Are you involved in Teaching, Research, Extension

  Yes No
Aquaculture Research
Cooperative Extension

* 2. If you are teaching, what courses do you teach? If not go to next question.

* 3. If you are involved in aquaculture research, what is your area of expertise? If not go to next question.

* 5. Do you work with K-12 educators in your area/state?

* 6. If your answer to question 5 was no, would you be willing to work with K12 educators in the future if the need was present?

* 7. Would you be willing to provide ________?

  Yes No Maybe
On-site visits to schools
Provide tours of your facility
Answer telephone questions in your area of expertise
Answer email questions in your area of expertise
Allow k-12 students to participate in your research
Video conference lectures/lessons for K12 schools

* 8. What educational, aquaculture resources do you have available that you are willing to share?

* 9. Would you be willing to help develop K12 teaching materials in your area of expertise?

* 10. What is your most broadly used mechanism for outreach?

* 11. Do you have a web site that includes aquaculture information?

* 12. Have you developed any aquaculuture education programs or materials that you think would be beneficial to other Extension specialists?