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In your response please type the name of the software that is taught as part of a course, a short course, or by itself. Please use the form for one software item. You may forward the link to this form to each faculty who is responsible for teaching or using software, in order to speed up the collection of responses if it is deemed necessary. Click on "Next" button at the bottom of this page to go to next page for further instruction on adding more responses and sending your survey.

* 1. Institution/Department Name and contact information:

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* 4. Software is taught by:(use the text field to respond)

* 5. The course is just for teaching the software

* 6. Hours of teaching software by:(use the text field to respond)

* 7. percentage of course teaching the software:

* 8. Software Cost

* 9. If you have any comments relating to the topic which the questionnaire does not cover, please include them in your response: