Program Review 2012-13: Conducting an Internal Review*

*Q Comp program coordinators are encouraged to attend as significant changes have been made to the document review and site review processes.
A.M. – Participants will unpack the 2013 Q Comp program review process and share school and district practices in conducting an effective internal review.
P.M. – Time will be provided in learning how to use the program review process as a guiding tool for program improvement and innovation.

Audience: program coordinators, program review team facilitator.

Conference Center B

Note – this session can be attended by live stream or in person at MDE. Please indicate your choice below on the registration form. If attending live stream, please be sure you have given us your email address as that will be used to send the link the week of November 12th.

* 1. Please fill in each box with your correct contact information.

Any request to bring specific materials will be sent prior to the meeting.

* 2. Role in Q Comp:

* 3. What challenges are you anticipating occurring when conducting your internal review?