Bay Area Research is conducting a study among business professionals on behalf of Embroker.com.  The  purpose of the study is to get your opinion as a professional working in an accounting or legal firm, in particular we are looking for the person in your office who deals with the business insurance..  The interview will be 30 minutes and will be conducted over the phone at a time that would be most convenient for you.  At the conclusion of the interview you will be sent a Visa gift card for $150. If you are interested in participating in the study please fill out the ENTIRE SURVEY BELOW. If you qualify we will contact you and schedule you for an appointment.  There will be no sales associated with this study, the information will be used purely for research purposes.


* 2. Do you personally deal with the insurance for your company?

* 3. Are you employed by a law firm or an accounting firm?

* 4. What industry is your company in?

* 5. What is your job title and to whom do you report?

* 6. How many employees do you have at your company worldwide?

* 7. How long has your company been in business?

* 8. What is your companies annual revenue per year before taxes?

* 9. How do you personally deal with insurance at your business (PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)?

* 10. What kind of insurance do you have (PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)?

* 11. Do you have an insurance broker?

* 12. Do you work with certificates?

* 13. How many times within the past 3 years have you done the following?

* 14. How often do you purchase new coverage and how often do you renew your coverage?

* 15. Are you planning to purchase or renew your commercial insurance in the next year?

* 16. Do you give certificates of insurance to other people or organizations?

* 17. How many a year do you send?

* 18. Do you ever have to handle additional insured, endorsements, and/or waivers of subrogration with your certification?

* 19. What operating system do you use?