2023 Coach of the year award

1.2023 Coach of the Year Award Criteria:
1. Recipient must be selected from the pool of Coaches at Winakwa
2. Recipient should exhibit outstanding sportsmanship, fair play, unselfishness, dedication, and the ability to cooperate with other volunteers and people involved with Winakwa Community Centre
3. Special consideration will be given to those nominees showing strong leadership and organizational skills while working harmoniously with their fellow volunteers.
4. A coach will have, through their time, energies, and efforts, for no less than one year have contributed ta significant amount of time to volunteering their time.
5. Coaches are not eligible to nominate themselves, nor their relatives.
6. Coaches are only eligible to receive the Coach of the Year Award one in their lifetime.
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2.Please indicate the reason to believe this person should receive the 2023 Coach of the Year Award based on the criteria listed above.
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