Music and the Arts - we want to know what you think

This short survey has been designed to give First-St. Andrews feedback on the outcome of the October 4th Community Round Table on Music and the Arts. Your responses will be used to help inform our future.  Many thanks.

* 1. Do you think that the summary report of October 4th accurately reflects what happened?

* 2. FSA could partner with a number of arts organizations to host a forum like the one held on October 4th on a regular basis - perhaps once every six months.

* 3. FSA has space that could be used by groups for rehearsal or performance purposes - although renovations might be required. Other churches could be invited to make space available too. This could aso lead to new and interesting partnership opportunities. Operating costs would need to be addressed.

* 4. There are opportunities to apply arts themes to the spiritual mandate of FSA - such as sacred dance, sacred arts and healing. Another example is to apply an arts theme to Holy Week.

* 5. There are opportunities to reach out to marginalized groups and bring the arts to these populations, where they live. FSA could work in partnership with others to support this happening.

* 6. If you have other suggestions, please use to space below to tell us what they are

* 7. Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.  If you would like to become actively involved in any of these opportunities, please tell us how you'd like to be involved and insert your name and e-mail information in the box below.