Middle Market Housing: Your thoughts

Welcome to this community survey of the Bend Collaborative Housing Workgroup. We are interested in your thoughts about missing middle housing in Bend. 

But first some background. The goals of the Bend Collaborative Housing Workgroup are to research, develop, recommend and advocate for tools and policies that lead to the building of more housing in the middle market. We define middle market as families of four making between $40,000 and $90,000 per year, or 80-175 percent of Area Median Income. 

These are the nurses, teachers, fire fighters, young professionals and other residents who help create a complete community in Bend. Townhomes, cottages, duplexes/triplexes/fourplexes and apartments are all housing types that can serve the needs of middle earners in Bend. 

By spurring development of housing availability in the middle market, we also help relieve pressure on housing costs and vacancy rates at the lower end of the scale, hopefully achieving a more livable city for low income earners, as well.  

The workgroup is currently in the process of reviewing policy in three subcommittee areas: development code, incentives and infrastructure funding. The workgroup will complete a first draft of recommendations for input from City Council and the Planning Commission on May 24. A final slate of recommendations is expected to be released in July. 

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Your input will help shape workgroup recommendations and the future of housing in Bend. 

* 1. Did you attend "Solving Bend's Missing Middle Housing Puzzle," at the Tower Theatre on April 10?

* 2. If yes, what did you learn at this presentation?

* 3. This website shows a gallery of missing middle housing types. We'd like to know your thoughts on how these housing types could fit best in the Bend housing landscape. Which of the following housing types do you believe would be good additions to the housing stock in Bend? Select all that apply. 

* 4. Do you have concerns about these housing types being located in your neighborhood? Why or why not?

* 5. Where is the most appropriate place for middle housing in Bend?

* 6. Please select the geographic area of Bend where you live:

* 7. Please select your age group:

* 8. Please select your household income range:

* 9. Are you interested in receiving a copy of the Bend Collaborative Housing Workgroup recommendations? If yes, please share your first and last name, and email below.