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* 1. Public Transportation Awareness Questions::

  Yes No
Do you know the County has a Public Transit System?
Do you know what the Transit Bus looks like?
Do you know the Transit System has a logo?
Do you know what the logo looks like?
Do you ride the Public Transit System?

* 2. Public Transportation Access Questions:
In this question, the word access refers to any or all of the following:
contact, ride, flag, have the bus pick you up, make an appointment, or to use Schoharie County Public Transportation as a passenger.

  Yes No
Do you know how to access the Public Transit system?
Have you ever tried accessing it?
Was it easily accessed?

* 3. Public Transportation Schedule Questions:

  Yes No
Have you ever seen a bus schedule in your county?
Do you use our website for bus schedule and route information?
If yes, was it clear and easy to understand?
Is the current schedule and service effectively meeting your needs?

* 4. What changes or expansions would help to accommodate your needs?

* 5. Are your current transportation needs within the county?

* 6. Would you use the Public Transit system?

* 7. If you answered NO to "Question 6" above please check all reasons that apply.

  Yes No
Too costly
Ride too long
No service
Don’t know how

* 8. Who do you feel currently rides the Public Transit system (check all that applies)?

* 9. If you are not riding currently, what would persuade you to try (check all that apply)?

  Yes No
Gas exceeding $5.00/gal
Shorter Bus Routes
Environmental concerns
Free rides
Will never ride