2020 El Sistema USA National Symposium - Request for Proposals
Priority Deadline: Monday August 12, 2019 - 11:59pm EDT
Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2020 El Sistema USA National Symposium! The symposium will take place from January 31 - February 2, 2020 in Durham, NC.
Below are important details regarding the Request for Proposals process. For a full timeline, please visit elsistemausa.org/symposium.

Strong Proposals

Strong proposals are those that:

- demonstrate a plan to engage attendees in a participatory way

- feature session leaders with diverse job titles and diverse program representation (i.e. administrators & teaching artists co-presenting; program leaders from different programs co-presenting)

- are relevant to a diverse group of attendees (i.e. teaching artists, administrators, supporters, partners, small organizations, large organizations, etc.)

- share their content through a lens of socio-cultural awareness and culturally responsive practices 

- encourage active music making, when appropriate 

Areas of Focus
Racial Diversity & Cultural Understanding
  1. Family Engagement - How are we engaging our families in our programs? What systems can we create to ensure families have equity in our programs? 
  2. Organizational Choices - How do we ensure our programs are designed to be both culturally responsive and engaging for our students? What choices can we make with regards to all aspects of our organizations to ensure our programs are designed with our communities in mind? 
Musical Excellence 
  1. Measuring Success - How do we measure musical success in our programs? What systems have we created or can we create to ensure students progress musically while also staying true to our mission of social change?
  2. Curriculum DesignHow does curriculum design play a role in musical excellence? 
  3. Teaching Excellence - What are the exemplary methods our Teaching Artists use to achieve musical excellence? 
  4. Student VoiceHow do we ensure students have leadership in our classrooms and programs? What methods do we utilize to achieve student voice & musical excellence as related goals. 
Please note that the areas of focus are intended as guides to the 2020 Symposium's focus. Submissions pertaining to other topics are welcome.  


Should you have any questions: Please contact Josh deVries at josh@elsistemausa.org