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We’re looking for early adopters: people who enjoy trying new products before they are released to the public in return for early access and preferential terms. Our product is an Internet swap site where you can trade gently used items and earn trading points to buy stuff you really want. You can find all kinds of used—and even some new—merchandise in our online yard sale and feel good about reusing, recycling, and even regifting.

Our goal in this trial is to make our site more useful and fun and to get to know our market community. By participating in our trial, you will receive free trading points and can earn additional trading points each time you post your own items for sale—not to mention the trading points you’ll earn when you sell to a lucky buyer.

If you’re interested in joining the trial, then you are what’s known in the trade as an early adopter, and we’d like to get to know you! We’ll ask you a few (easy!) questions, then let you loose on the website. Ready?