1. Do you have pain that accompanies or is a result of your Parkinson's symptoms?

2. Where is your pain (check all that apply)?

3. Does the pain get disabling enough that you take medication or use some other therapy for relief?

4. Is your pain relieved or improved by PD medication(s)?

5. Do you believe, or has your doctor told you, the pain is due to your Parkinson's?

6. Do you believe, or have you been told, the pain is due to a medication you have taken long term for Parkinson's?

7. Does your level of pain fluctate with motor symptoms?

8. How would you rate your pain, most of the time?

  Not at all severe Occassionally severe Frequently severe Severe most of the time Severe all of the time
My pain is:

9. Have you ever been told you have, or been diagnosed with, any of the following (check all that apply - if associated with your site of pain)?

10. Please provide us with the following demographic information.