Project Purpose...
The City of Nanaimo has set out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33% below 2007 levels by the year 2020. Converting HPS streetlights to LED streetlights is one strategy to help Nanaimo reach its goal. LED lights consume up to 60 percent less power than our existing lights and are expected to last 20 years. Power savings would be $200,000 per year and maintenance costs would be reduced by $25,000 annually.

Status Update...
Phase 1, of a multi-year replacement program, was completed in February 2019. Locations included Bowen Road, Aulds Road, Hammond Bay Road, Terminal Avenue and Comox Road. 

What's Next?
Your feedback is important as we role out Phase 2 of the replacement program! To ensure your response is captured, please be sure to complete the survey by March 31st.

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