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* 1.Writing with Clarity
Is there a secret to writing clear sentences? Yes. This workshop will cover some easy concepts of writing that help with clarity and concision at the sentence level. The concepts we’ll discuss are important for our students—and helpful for ourselves.

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* 2. Crafting Effective Assignments
Carefully crafted assignments can enhance student learning of course content, promote critical thinking and active engagement, and help students become better writers. This workshop will include informal exploratory writing, sequenced assignments, and formal writing projects that call for polished prose.

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* 3. The Student Peer Workshop
From generating ideas and composing first drafts to multiple revision and editing, this workshop will explore the use of the student peer workshop to achieve two goals at once: improving student writing and saving your time in the process

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* 4. Understanding Plagiarism
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the causes of plagiarism. We'll also develop strategies for helping students learn to use source materials and for structuring writing assignments in ways that prevent plagiarism by mitigating the impulse to cheat.

* 5. Effective Feedback
What kinds of feedback work best to improve student writing? Do I have to “correct” every “mistake”? How do I help students without overwhelming and discouraging them—and consuming too much of my own valuable time? If you’ve struggled with these and other questions, join us for this workshop.

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