* 1. We have been sharing details and discussing the Right & Perfect Home Initative for a couple of months now.  What do you think of the process so far?

* 2. How are you getting updates about Right and Perfect Home? (Mark all that apply.)

* 3. Did you participate in the following programs?

  Yes No
Braving the Wilderness Book Study Group - January-February
Mission, Vision, Core Values Workshop with Rev. Phil Smedstad on January 27
Mission, Vision, Values Workshop on January 28
Town Hall on February 11

* 4. Our revised MISSION is:  "We are an empowering, diverse, spiritual community experiencing Spirit within to create a peaceful and prosperous world."

What are your thoughts on this?

* 5. Our revised VISION is "Centered in Spirit, we co-create a world that works for all."

What are your thoughts on this?

* 6. Our revised VALUES are:  

"Community Service" — Giving of our energies in support of the greater good.

"Diversity" — Honoring the sacred bonds of oneness.

"Prayer" — Practicing the presence of God.

"Acceptance" — Acknowledging that God is in every situation.

"Fellowship" — Enjoying the presence of the Divine in one another.

What are your thoughts on these?

* 7. What else would you like to see from the team and this process? How can we ensure all stakeholders have appropriate opportunity to participate? Who else needs to be included in the conversation? What other ways can we communicate? Any other comments or questions?

* 8. One next step in our process is a series of 45-minute small group, face-to-face conversations to discern whether we need a physical building and why. You’ll have a chance to pick a time among 10 different options that works for you. To participate in one of these sessions, simply share your contact information below and we'll send you details.