Proud To Be An American

On Thursday, September 21, Pottsville Elementary held its annual PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN CELEBRATION to honor all those who serve our country proudly. Our students released over 500 balloons with tags explaining why they are proud to be Americans themselves.

If you found one of our balloons, we would like to hear from you. Your participation in the following survey will enable us to celebrate our wonderful country together.

* 1. Please tell us the city and state in which you live.

* 2. When and where did you find the balloon?

* 3. If the balloon/tag had a readable teacher or student name, please list the names in the box below.

* 4. Please tell us why you are proud to be an American?

* 5. If you would like to be in contact with the class that released the balloon you found, please list your name, and other relevant information such as a phone number, address, or email so that our teachers may communicate with you.

Any personal information will be used strictly for communication initiated by the classroom teacher of the student who released the balloon.