Reading Survey

Answer the following questions about your reading habits.This survey is anonymous. That means no one will know who you are. The reason for this is to encourage you to be honest. Please answer all questions truthfully. There are no right or wrong answers. Answering truthfully will help your teachers to help you become a better reader.

* 1. When I read a story or other information I understand it.

* 2. I use illustrations or titles to help me figure out what a story is about.

* 3. When I don't understand a word I use the information I have already read to guess its meaning.

* 4. When you find a story or written information difficult to understand, do you give up or do you use strategies to help you understand?

* 5. I use a dictionary when I can't understand words.

* 6. When you read do you try to see the pictures in your head?

* 7. When you read do you...

  Always Sometimes Usually Rarely Never
a) guess what will happen before you read the story?
b)guess what will happen next, at different places throughout the story?

* 8. Do you ask yourself questions...

  Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never
a) before you read the story?
b) during the story?
c) after the story?

* 9. When you read do you...

  Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never
a) relate the story to your own life?
b) make a link to something similar you have read?
c) relate to something else eg. tv programmes watched?