* 1. In the past year, have you read the iHub Newsletter, iWeekly?

* 2. How Important is it to you that the newsletter is sent regularly ?

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* 4. Which of the following statements is most accurate about this newsletter?

* 5. How do you typically get the newsletter?

* 6. Please rate the following article topics and how much they interest you:

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Techpreneur Profiles
Tech News
Tech events
Opinion and Analysis on ICT issues
Research Findings
Fireside Chats from industry thought leaders
Community News

* 7. What would you like to see more of?

* 8. How much do you agree or disagree:

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The newsletter helps me feel part of the iHub community
The newsletter is useful to me
The newsletter is easy to read
The newsletter reminds me to go back to check out the website
The newsletter is professional
The newsletter is informative
The newsletter is visually pleasing

* 9. What changes would most improve the newsletter?