* 1. What is your zip code?

* 9. If you use the trail to commute, what is the total round trip mileage?

* 10. If you use the trail to commute, what is the total round trip time spent?

* 13. Which Trail access points do you generally use when you visit the trail?

* 14. Have you made a donation or financially supported Fort Wayne Trails in the past 12 months?

* 15. If you had a magic wand, and could add a section of trail to connect to the existing system, where would you put it?

* 16. During your visit did you...?

* 17. How did you find out about the trails?

* 18. Has your use of the trail influenced your purchase of...?

* 19. Approximately how much have you spent on these items in the past year?

* 20. In conjunction with your most recent trip to the trail, did you purchase any of the following?

* 21. Approximately how much did you spend, per person, on your most recent visit?

If you are from out of town, please answer the following questions.

* 22. Did your visit to the trail involve an overnight stay in one of the following types of accommodations?

* 23. If so, how many nights did you stay in conjunction with your visit to this trail system?

* 24. Approximately how much did you spend on overnight accommodations per night?

* 25. Optional: Please share your email, and we'll add you to our newsletter list. Thanks!