Graduating Students who are not currently enrolled  - please let us know if you plan to participate in this year's commencement ceremony on Friday, June 16th, 2017.
Currently enrolled students should complete this information within the Graduate Degree Progress link in REGIS and do not need to submit this survey.

Office of the Registrar
California Institute of Technology
(626) 395-6354

* 1. Student UID:

* 2. Your last name:

* 3. Your first name:

* 4. Your mobile/cell phone number:

* 5. Your current email address if you aren't still using your '' account:

* 6. Do you plan to attend Commencement?

* 7. Please indicate how your name is spoken phonetically if you are marching in the ceremony:

* 8. If you are receiving a PhD and attending commencement, please indicate which division you will be marching with:

* 9. If you are not attending Commencement, please indicate the complete address and telephone number you would like us to send your diploma to or indicate that you will pick it up from the Registrar's Office. Pasadena residents will be required to pick up their diploma.