Promote Your Shop Retailer Survey

Please complete our survey to help us understand what retailers are looking for and to also identify some possible gaps in your marketing mix.

We will enter you into a draw where the lucky name will win a gorgeous alpaca jumper from HUMM Alpaca Knitwear (

Please note that we will not share your data with any third parties and that your responses will be collated in order to draw up a report in an anonymous manner:
1. 25% of retailers would like to learn more about social media
2. The most common worry for retailers is footfall
3. 3% of retailers run events with neighbouring businesses

Thank you so much for your time!

* 1. What is your name, email address and name of your shop?

* 2. Which sector are you in (eg: hair salon, restaurant, deli, cafe, gift store, fashion retailer, toy shop, butcher, grocers, nail bar etc etc) and which is your geographical area, and how long have you run your outlet for?
Please answer like this: Fashion retailer, Worcester, 4 years

* 3. Do you have a marketing plan?

* 4. What keeps you awake at night about your business?

* 5. Do you do social media for your shop/restaurant? If so which platforms do you use:

* 6. Do you use customer marketing techniques? If yes, please select from those below:

* 7. Do you have an online presence ie a website?

* 8. Do you do PR for your shop (ie do you contact the local or national press for free editorial mentions)?

* 9. Do you think that by improving your visual merchandising you would attract more passing traffic?

* 10. Do you run promotions or events with your neighbouring businesses?