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25% of survey complete.

We have been asked to identify at least 3 general areas that need attention, to describe the issues presented by the current functioning of those areas of concern and ways they may be improved, to provide a rationale for the importance of change to that area of functioning, and to describe the impact that recommended changes would have on the University, and to describe how the University would look in 20 years if we implement changes in that area.

The over-riding question we ask you to consider is: WHAT ARE THE BARRIERS TO EXCELLENCE IN YOUR WORK AND LIFE AT UVA?

In responding to that general question, we hope to first gauge your satisfaction with University functions. Secondly, for those areas which you are dissatisfied, we invite you to comment on your dissatisfaction and suggest areas for improvement. We recognize that there may be overlapping topics and issues, but we prefer redundancy to not hearing about an issue at all. And we certainly welcome comments in areas not identified as of yet.

All responses will be kept confidential.