1. CWG Participation and Projects Survey

The overall mission of the CWG is to advance the Catholic faith through writing and to support Catholic writers—but how can we best do that? Please take this survey to help us refine our focus.

* 1. Please rank your needs and interests as a Catholic writer from the choices below:

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Not a Need
Learning the craft
Promoting my works
Finding markets
Sharing my faith
Fellowship with like-minded writers

* 2. Learning the craft: Below are the educational projects the Guild has started or is considering. Please rank them by usefulness/interest. (For more information about these programs, please check out the forums at www.catholicwritersguild.org.)

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Not interested
On-line writers' conference
Live writers' conference
Formal chat sessions with guest speakers (authors/editors/etc.)
Critique circle
Telephone conference/presentations

* 3. Below are the promotional projects the CWG is working on or has considered. Please rank them by interest or usefulness to you. (For more information about these programs, please check out the forums at www.catholicwritersguild.org.)

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 N/A
Blog Ring
Blog tours of books
Marketing newsletter to Catholic bookstores/vendors
Catholic Authors Wiki
Catholic Guild Radio (we broadcast readings of our stories/articles)
Guest registry for speakers/interviewees
Cooperative Writing projects published as e-books by Guild

* 4. We have invited members to use the forums to share marketing leads they find and to make prayer requests, etc. Aside from communications in the forum, do you have any suggestions for sharing publishing leads or faith concerns?

* 5. Fellowship: We already have the forum and live informal chat sessions. What other fellowhship opportunities would you like to see?

* 6. May we contact you about helping coordinate or participate in one or more of your top-three projects?

* 7. We will be changing servers in October and will use this opportunity to improve the website. Please help us by letting us know where we can improve:

  Yes No
I can navigate the website with ease.
I can find what I need on the website.
The home page has great information.
I can find what I need on the home page.
I can post easily to the blogs.
I can post easily to the news.
I have used the Help document.

* 8. Please rate your forum experience.

  Yes Somewhat No
I can easily access the forums.
I can easily post to the forums.
I can find information on the forums.
The forums overwhelm me.
It's easy to find information I want.
I have trouble finding new posts.
I have used the help document.

* 9. We have started a newsletter for members, but want to know what you want to read about. Please rate the following:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested
Market and industry news
What members are doing (signings, publishing news)
Educational articles on writing
Educational articles on Catholicism
Status of Guild projects
I prefer an e-zine format with graphics to the text-based e-mail

* 10. So that we can track responses, please put your name below. We will only use this to track who has responded to the survey and to contact you if you're interested in helping with projects.