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* 1. Are you aware of the TherapyBC website?

* 2. Please list what you have used the website for in the past:

* 3. Does your organization post jobs on the TherapyBC website?

* 4. If you answered yes to Q4, please comment on your experience posting jobs on the TherapyBC website.    Please provide comments or suggestions about the posting process (i.e. Was the process straightforward?  Did the posting(s) generate interest from qualified candidates?  Did the posting(s) result in hiring?)

* 5. If you answered no to Q4 - please explain why you did not post on TherapyBC.

* 6. Do you use the TherapyBC website to access clinical resource materials or other information?

* 7. Please check any of the following that may be helpful for you as additions to the current site:

* 8. Do you post therapist jobs on other websites?

* 9. Do you have any suggestions for improving the functionality and/or look and feel of the TherapyBC website?

* 10. Do you have any further comments or suggestions regarding the TherapyBC website?