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Hi, it's Donna from WeddingCake.org

Let me begin by saying, "I really like brides like you, because you're curious to find out what you need to know about choosing a baker who is competent, trustworthy and caring, instead of "assuming" they all must be good, just because they're in business.

In our quest to bring smiles to your face, we have questioned over 110,000 brides in the last 10 years to learn from their wedding cake joys and, unfortunately, their frustrations.

To provide the most benefit, we'll focus on what has concerned other brides and ask how you feel about the same issues.

If you would like specific answers and solutions to the issues addressed in this questionnaire, you'll find them in your download of "The Ultimate Bride's Guide For Buying A Wedding Cake in 2015."

After going through it, you won't have to "assume" anything. You'll "know" your wedding cake will be awesome.

Together, we can revolutionize how you and other brides choose a baker instead of using the outdated LOOK, TASTE, PRICE, and ASSUME method.

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* 1. Below, in random order, are the 15 most common concerns brides have about getting a wedding cake based on 110,000 surveys.

Tell me how you feel about each one of the issues.

  I am very concerned about this I am some what concerned I am a little anxious It's not really that big of a deal Who cares
1.)-I don't really know the first thing about choosing a bakery. I'm worried I'll choose the wrong one, even though they came highly recommended.
2.)-The cake artist I'm thinking about using has owned her own cake shop for less than 2 years. Is that long enough to show me she is reputable and reliable?
3.)-Even though I had a "taste testing," I'm still apprehensive about my cake being dry and the frosting tasting either greasy or extremely sweet.
4.)-I am using someone decorating out of their home. Should I worry about having cat or dog hair in my cake or frosting if they have pets?
5.)-If the delivery person smokes, do I have to be concerned that my cake will taste like cigarette smoke?
6.)-I'm not sure if the person I'm using is "state licensed" or whether they have a "health department" permit to bake goods. Is it really that big of a deal?
7.)-To be honest, I'm stressing about my wedding cake showing up late or worse...not even showing up.
8.)-It makes me a little worried the cake artist I'm using is the only decorator at the store. Do I need to be concerned about who's going to do my cake if she is sick or gone for some other reason?
9.) I'm fearful of paying too much or being overcharged, because I don't really understand how wedding cakes are priced.
10.)-Although my cake designer drew a pretty good sketch of my unique design, I'm pretty apprehensive about how it will really look.
11.)-Although I love the way "rolled fondant" looks, be honest, will my guests like it?
12.)-My best friend had a cake that was supposed to serve 250, but she ran out. I would be totally embarrassed.
13.)-I am concerned the colors on my cake won't match the swatches of material I brought in.
14.)-I'm afraid my baker will misplace or lose my wedding cake order.
15.)-One of my friend's wedding cake was leaning so bad it look like the leaning "Tower of Pisa." When they called the bakery, they were already closed for the day. They couldn't get a hold of anyone to fix it.

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* 2. Below is a list of the 15 most common problems brides have with their wedding cakes. (They are in random order.)

Please tell me how you would react to any of these problems if they happened to you.

  I'll be upset and demand some or all of my money back I'll be embarrassed and want some compensation I won't be too happy, but I won't ask for anything They probably did the best they could. It doesn't really bother me.
1.)-The design on my cake was not the one I chose.
2.)-The cake had a big crack in it and looked as if it was ready to fall apart.
3.)-The colors on my cake did not at all match the swatchs I brought in.
4.)-My cake arrived 1 hour after the reception began.
5.)-My cake was leaning so bad, I thought we would be scraping it off the floor.
6.)-My cake was dry. It was not like what I tested at the bakery.
7.)-My frosting was way too thick and it was crusty.
8.)-The layers of cake were very thin. They were not as thick as shown in the picture.
9.)-The fillings in the cake were either the wrong ones or they were so paper thin, you could hardly taste them.
10.)-The cake did not serve what I paid for.
11.)-The rolled fondant was heavy, chewy, and didn't taste very good.
12.)-The cake artist I worked with turned out to be very arrogant and unapologetic about returning my phone calls or making necessary changes to my order.
13.)-I got a wedding cake, but it wasn't mine. They got it mixed up with someone elses.
14.)-I called two weeks before my wedding and they said everything was on schedule. But, then I didn't get my cake. In fact, they couldn't even find my order.
15.)-My cake was gorgeous, but when tried to cut the first piece for our wedding cake photo, it was still frozen. We couldn't serve it.

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* 3. Please tell me why you believe brides shop blindly for a wedding cake instead of first getting independent, reliable and trustworthy advice that would overcome the concerns and problems brought up in the previous two questions?

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* 4. In your own words, please list one or two key questions you believe brides absolutely need to ask every bakery or cake designer they interview. (If none come to mind, please tell me after you go through "The Ultimate Bride's Guide For Buying A Wedding Cake in 2015.)

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* 5. “We Would L-o-v-e To Know What You’re Thinking”
Share your opinions, concerns and ask questions about choosing a baker or ordering a wedding cake. Also, let us know what other products or services would be of additional help.

Thanks for helping our bridal community.

All the best to you and your future hubby. Have a beautiful wedding day.

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