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Thank you for taking the time to answer eight questions for us.

We ask specific questions because we care about your circle. We will only invite adults to become members who we believe are ready to bring their best to the ZONE 12 experience! 

Completing this survey will not guarantee you a spot among the people selected to participate. However, if not selected, you may be invited to participate in other, all-access activities hosted by the Customer Service Clinic.

Be sure to include your contact information.

You will be notified within 5 days after completing your survey if you have been selected to register for ZONE 12's next session.

Following selection, you will be provided a link to officially register.

Again, thank you for spending a little of your time with us and taking one more step to invest in your future!

We appreciate your careful responses. 

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* 1. Which item best describes your attitude about public speaking? Share your honest attitude. We value honesty. The best answer is your truth.

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* 2. In one, short sentence, tell how ZONE 12 will help you.

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* 3. In a short sentence, tell one way you will use what you learn to help others

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* 4. In one sentence, tell us one strength you will bring to the ZONE 12 (2021) group.

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* 5. Tell us what would keep you from attending all, weekly group sessions, throughout the ZONE 12 course (think about possible distractions, even if they are not an issue right now). Check any option which may apply to you.

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* 6. Share your Facebook profile, email or phone number (whichever is easiest to reach you).

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* 7. In one, short sentence, tell us one strength or quality you admire in other people. What trait inspires you!

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* 8. What is your full name and date of birth?

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