The St Sabina parish Parents Lounge was formed in 2015.  Its purpose is to offer parents an opportunity to meet other parish parents and to identify and present a variety of parent-generated topics that they would find useful.  We offer to you a brief survey.  Our hope is to generate interest in our group to not only meet other parents, but to offer some helpful presentations and discussions on topics you would find beneficial.
For questions or more information please contact: Anita Frey 816-804-3127 or

* 1. Which of the following topics would peak your interest in joining the Parents Lounge in our parish?

* 2. Please check any topic discussions that you would be interested in joining.

* 3. We currently meet at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings while our children are in PSR. If you would prefer a different time, please offer your suggestions on days/times that would be more convenient for you.  Also, if only meeting once a month or every other week is more appealing please let us know.  We could schedule a presentation and discussion, for example, every third week if you would prefer.

* 4. If you would only be interested in participating in family fun activities scheduled periodically throughout the year rather than attending regular meetings, we would really appreciate any specific activity/event suggestions that you have!

* 5. Would you like to provide your contact information to the Parents Lounge list?