* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. Where did you go to college?

* 3. When did you graduate from college?

* 4. In a few sentences, please tell us how (if at all) you've been involved in LCA since graduation?

* 5. How interested are you in participating in LCA events going forward?

* 6. What (if anything) would make you more likely to participate in LCA alumni events going forward?

* 7. What sorts of things would you like to see/participate in as an active member of the LCA alumni community? Think about the events and/or types of communications that would encourage you to be more involved. These can range from philanthropic/volunteer events to social/sports related gatherings.

* 8. When are you likely able to participate in alumni events? Assume most events will be held in the Boston/Greater Boston area.

* 9. What else (if anything) should we know about your interest in LCA alumni involvement?

* 10. Please fill in the blank for the following sentence:

As part of my involvement in the LCA alumni association, I could see myself contributing money on an annual/yearly basis.

(Your selection is non-binding and for informational purposes only)