Bowen Immersion Day – Monday 29th November 2021 (Term 4, Week 9) – Cost : Nil

Robocoast would like to invite you to take part in an exciting opportunity to develop student and teacher’s skills in building and programming LEGO EV3, Spike Prime and mBot Ranger robots. On Monday 29th November 2021, our award winning Sunshine Coast RoboCoast team will present an EV3, Spike Prime and mBot Ranger Beginner Robotics Immersion day at Queens Beach State School. This event is open for students in Year 4/5 and above.

9:30am - Welcome and house keeping
9:45 – 10:30am - Identifying ports and initial coding
10:30 – 11am - Morning tea (BYO)
11am – 11:30am - In teams: How to drive your robot and use its sensors
11:30 – 12noon - Inquiry problem – Design and program for robotics comp
12:30 – 1pm - Lunch (BYO)
1pm – 2pm - RoboSumo competition – round robin
2:00pm - Awards, thanks and further information about robotics

The event is part of a series of Immersion days to be held this year. This Immersion day is free and is aimed at school groups looking for a way to start their robotics program or club.  School groups need to arrive with an EV3 or Spike Prime or mBot Ranger robot (built following the RoboCoast instructions on the website), USB cable and laptop (with LEGO EV3 education or SPIKE education or mBlock 5 PC version software installed), between every 2 students. Each school may bring 20 students.  We will be able to confirm if you can bring more students once final numbers are counted after each school has responded whether they are attending or not.
We do have some loan equipment available for schools, please indicate your needs in the registration (1 laptop and robot between 2 students).

All robots need to arrive at the Immersion day built - INSTRUCTIONS for building the EV3, Spike and mBot Ranger robots are on the resources page at Department of Health Covid safety measures will be implemented at this event.

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* 5. Please list any robots you use for teaching at your school

Please complete the page/s for the Robotics you wish to use for the event: LEGO EV3, LEGO Spike Prime or mBot Ranger. Schools who are loaning equipment may choose to have some students use Spike Prime and some to try the mBot Rangers (as the EV3 robots are being phased out by Lego).