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As a continuation of co-developing needed patient engagement (PE) tools within the PFMD Meta-framework work stream, this survey takes the next step in validating the relevant PE activities that can be done in the research, development and lifecycle of medicines. The results of this work will inform PFMD of those PE activities where "how-to" tools and/ or support is most needed.
The PFMD team has consolidated a set of PE activities from literature and existing guidances. With this survey we would like the public and experts to validate the relevancy of each of these activities in the different phases of the medicines research and development continuum.
More instructions will follow in the following pages. All responses will be anonymised.

Thank you for taking the survey and participating in this important work. 
This survey is open until August 31st, 2018. Please share the link to your patient engagement peers and network who might be interested in participating in this validation round.
The survey is divided into sections which represent each phase of the medicine research and development continuum. Because of how the survey is structured, we estimate that it will take approximately 5-8 minutes to fill in only one section/ phase. 
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Which group of stakeholders do you affiliate with best?

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* 1. Which group of stakeholders do you affiliate with best?